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Wellness & SPA by Adriana Karembeu
Wellness et SPA

Welcome to the heart of a sensory symphony, marked with a bright world consisted of water, scents and fumes, but above all with relaxation. Everything is here to guide body, soul and spirit, at the boundaries of the well-being …

In an enchanting universe, fluctuating between peace and movement, activity and relaxation, the spectacular and ultra modern new Spa of 1000 m ² of the Hotel Les Violettes, sponsored by Adriana Karembeu, offers to everyone a  regenerating haven.

With its sober architectural lines, the place improves softened atmospheres thanks to colored beams of light.

To live a real escape of the senses, this dream space with countless charms is discovered step by step. A unique and exclusive wellness space in the region!

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Photo Sauna Hammam Jaccuzi  
En quelques lignes

The regular practice of the sauna - temperature between 80 ° and 100 ° in a dry atmosphere - is ideal to fight the stress and to activate the detox of the body.

In its purifying action, the sweating activates the elimination of the impurities by the stimulation of the blood circulation. The sauna develops also considerably the natural resistance of the body. We recommend a first phase of warming of 15-20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of rest, then again 15 minutes of presence in the sauna.

Real moment of relaxation and pleasure, the hammam is also the privileged place to take care of its body quite gently. The wet heat released by the place allows to eliminate effectively the toxins, to calm the muscular tensions and to evacuate the stress.

The jacuzzi is often used following a session of sauna or hammam. The water of the bath is warmed by about 37°C. It is activated by oxygen getting out of buzzards and causing bustles, hence its name: whirlpool bath. Its effects are numerous: muscular relaxation, activation of the blood circulation.

The Bio Sauna

With a temperature between 55 ° and 60 ° and  40 % of humidity, this is the favorite of the fair sex.

This is the easiest kind of sauna to bear for the body, which gets warms slowly; essential oils release the tensions while bringing a profound sensation of well-being.

The Bio sauna is also characterized by changes of colors (blue, yellow, red and green), which have a significant influence on the neurovegetative system.

  Photo bio sauna
Photo la grotte a sel  
The salt cave

The salt cave is a natural environment for the halotherapy. The studies have demonstrated that 30 minutes in the salt cave provide the same benefits as a weekend by the sea.

The halotherapy consists in taking advantage of the benefits of the salty air on the body: benefits on the airways, the skin is beautified and the disorders bound to the stress and to the tiredness die down.

Inside this site, the walls of the cave are covered with crystals of natural salt.

Their backlighting, coupled with a ventilation system, allows the dispersion in the air of micro-elements contained in the crystal.

The Laconium

The laconium is the soft version of the Finnish sauna.

In this space, the body gets warm in a short time in a dry atmosphere where the temperature remains bearable (55 °).

The intense perspiration of the body contributes in an optimal way to the elimination of the impurities of the body and its resistance is considerably increased. The blood circulation is stimulated and the cardiac activity is stabilized.

The laconium is known for its anti-stress effect, as well as its intensely beneficient relaxation for the body and the spirit. The duration of the session is individually chosen according to the  well-being feeling.

The effect of the impurities elimination of the body which participates in its detox,  is felt after 15 to 20 minutes. It is recommended to rest 20 to 30 minutes after every session in the laconium.

  Photo le laconium
Photo le bain kneipp  
The Kneipp bath

The Kneipp bath is a method which alternates the warmth and the cold (from 10 ° to 38 °).

It increases the resistance and revitalizes the body.

Therefore, it is particularly recommended during a convalescence.

The Kneipp bath stimulates the metabolism and the impurities elimination of the body,  and strengthens the immune system.

The regular practice of this discipline blocks favourably  the disturbances of the neuro vegetative system. It is also an effective means to fight against the chills and the flu in winter.

Swimming pools

The indoor and outdoor counter-current swimming pools, warmed and bound by an airlock,  display pleasant surroundings with natural scenery and bring a beautiful aquatic atmosphere in front of a bucolic landscape.

This relaxation atmosphere takes possession of the garden where comfortable deckchairs invite the hosts to rest.

  Photo piscines
Photo salles de repos  
Relaxation rooms

For moments of rest and relaxation, these relaxing spaces are perfect for daydream.

Provided with comfortable armchairs or with a watermattress, these spaces have chosen a colourful zen program.

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